Until recently plumbing was not taught in engineering or architectural colleges. As a result, the installation of plumbing was at the mercy of untrained, non-qualified people. IPA has found it necessary to bridge the gap between, codes & standards, designers and installers. All this called for more professional approach towards designs and installations of plumbing of international repute. Always a good plumbing ensures good health and safety of people. With this mission IPA has initiated a Centre of Excellence – CoE to educate the building professionals on better plumbing for better living.

CoE will mainly focus on the following Four Pillars:

  1. Education
  2. Training & Skilling
  3. Plumbing Lab
  4. Recognition and aligning of Institutions & Similar Bodies in Plumbing field.

1. Education:
Teaching or educating, Engineers/ Designers/ Consultants/ Supervisors/ Master Plumbers, through the codes and standards created jointly IPA & IAPMO, Indian Standard Codes & Standards, also National Building Code of India or any other similar codes on both design and installation aspects through proposed PDE & PPD Courses. The bottom line is, competent services design engineers are essential to best-practice systems design.

2. Training / Skilling:
This is another area where IPA is finding void and a greater disconnect between designer and installers. Hence this an area where vast coaching required for Plumbing supervisors/ Master Plumber/ Head Plumber/ actual installers/ semi-skilled ground workers is fulfilled through our proposed PTC Courses.

3. Plumbing Lab:
Lab serves purpose of educating the masses on the need of good plumbing and the way to install it, in the easiest way. It is therefore essential to demonstrate good and bad plumbing practices, material and method to the professionals, practitioner and academicians. With the beginning of formal training courses in plumbing, the plumbing lab has become a very important tool to understand the subject in a short time under one roof. CoE under this vertical installing would promote installation of lab for aspirant Universities /Institutions /Organizations /Engineering colleges /Diploma collages.

4. Institution Recognition:
Institutions who are willing to opt using/ adopting IPA Codes, teaching/ plumbing, plumbing as electives course, forming IPA students Chapters, installing IPA Plumbing Lab, promoting Technical events and activities of IPA etc., will be recognised with ⭐️ IPA STAR Rating in different categories.